Missing Someone

If missing you feels like

It hasn’t rained for years here,

Like I havent quite been myself around the plants that I own,

The skin that I discard like a snake,


Like I haven’t looked at myself in the mirror,

I haven’t had a conversation with the people that love me,

Like the sun hasn’t risen over our heads,

And I wonder if they make songs anymore.

Is there a song for this feeling?

If missing you feels like

There’s a can of Schrodinger’s worms inside my heart waiting to burst open.

But I’m afraid they might be dead when it happens.

If missing you feels like the colours are a little less bright

Than they were yesterday,

If it feels like I’m thirsty all the time,

And that my favourite characters out of my favourite romantic movie too,

Are far apart and hoping they’d meet one another six months later,

If it feels like I want to sleep

And yet sleep eludes me,



I have missed you.

2 thoughts on “Missing Someone

  1. I’ve never met a stranger who can so easily describe what I feel. I want to say I’m sorry, because I feel what you feel, and I know how the torment grows with each passing day. You are such an amazing writer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! 🤗 I’m so glad I could do justice to the feeling of missing someone. I’m sure it can be expressed better but everyone will have a different take on it. Thank you!


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