I’m into self love darling,

Today I oiled my hair,

Tomorrow I’ll make my breakfast,

Day after tomorrow Ill call someone I haven’t talked to in a while.


I am going to validate myself,

I’m going to get that haircut I have been thinking about,

And feel good about it while the blow drying lasts.

Born out of necessity

It might have been,

A few years back,

To brush my teeth.

And now, I can’t do anything without thinking of self care,

Its in fashion.

Im going to post a picture,

Of me really living the good life.

All the way while I am glued to this two way communication

Of acknowledgement

And fitting in,

Even between the outcasts.

I’ll put on some make up

But hey it’s really a choice,

You should be able to accept me without it.

I’m trying to go minimalistic,

While buying new clothes and hoarding them.

I’m going to rise from the pits and yes Im going to announce that to the world too.

I guess it’s about me.



When will I stop feeling empty?

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