It’s not a good sign,

When you wake up wanting to listen to Lorde sing-

‘I’m a liability’,

When you wake up not wanting to wake up.

Trying times,


I feel like I live in a halo,

And it’s blue,

It grows for days on end,

Invisible to you.

I walk around dripping,

I paint my path in that hue.

Everything is fine.

I live, I breathe, I stick my eyes to this screen.

She’s okay.

Listening to the labourer fix the walls of my house,

My father trying to raise up a conversation,

An uneaten apple by my side

The the fan making a whirring noise,

The strangest of dreams have now been haunting me.

Is that how,

The halo grows?

I dream a little and it further flows?

And I have,

Seen my cat crying in pain,

Watched myself fall into the arms of a strange man,

Witnessed a beautiful sunrise in a different place,

All but in my dreams over the week.

The halo metamorphoses into a giant dripping machine,

Enveloping me,

And eating me whole.

I recover,

On an uneventful night,

When sleep is far away,

And my head full of sights,

My heart full of sighs.

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