Do you remember the day,

Your affections went up in smoke,

As we sat at the table,

Waiting to be served,

And with a dead glance,

With a swish of your fingers,

You dismissed me,

Can you stop talking?

I’m on the phone.

I went invisible that day.

Somehow breakfast waits for you on the kitchen shelf.

You clothes – washed, ironed, folded, wait for your approval.

Our home is clean enough

The trash takes itself out,

And the newspaper finds you in better anticipation,

Than I did on our marriage anniversary.

And what would the lady like to have?

Oh she’ll have the same,

Won’t you honey?

Trust me on this man,

Six years into a marriage and it doesn’t get any more predictable.

You exchange a wink with the waiter,

And I wish I could snap and make you disappear.


I’d love one beer thanks,

Why honey,

Six years of marriage and I don’t mind you as much when I’m drunk.

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