Abandoned Women

Have you seen the landscape fill up with abandoned women?     

She came home with acid on her face after a week at the hospital and she was already bereft of the neighbors’ acknowledgement

Her name a talk of the town,

Only her face walks around wearing blame.

People now address her as ‘You should not have…’

She was found lying unconscious on the highway having been raped twice during a night.

Once by the rapists and again by rescuers- until the line between them completely disappeared

And every face becomes her perpetrator. Can all of us be put in a jail?

Abandoned by humanity, a bloody disgusting pile of flesh and bones in the middle of the road.

A distressed cry, an erotic find.

She was beaten and sent back home,

Where was that bike that her father had promised the groom?

Abandoned next by her parents who brought her back,

Albeit on the shiny new pulsar her husband now uses to roam

Drink and beat her once in a while because theyre still due on that gold chain.

Defaulting on commitments- what sort of a lying cheating family was she from?

Abandoned by the women of her family who no longer notice how they’ve invariably begun banishing her from festivities and laughter,

Because six years on and childless,

Maketh her not  a


So something must be wrong,

With her.

As is wrong with all women

Because they exist despite everything.

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