What’s in a name?

Good morning, You!

On a few days I do not find myself prolific with words and I don’t post. I had resolved I would blog everyday but lately it seemed exhausting. Also I didnt use to have the material to consistently blog daily. I would stare at the screen, no thoughts forthcoming. so for now I have decided to blog on alternate days. I need to hold onto my thoughts as they come, jot them down. I wouldn’t want to be typing away on my phone if a beautiful blog worthy thought strikes in the middle of something ordinary. So I will use a pen and paper when I can. Can we please make writing feel normal again?

I planted some mint stems!

Failed at my last attempt to grow curry plant from seeds. Trying again with a top layer of river sand. Will have to wait 7 days for results. If this fails I will try stem cuttings.

What feels illegal but isn’t?

To me it is entering a store and getting a salesman on me and not buying anything. I have sometimes bought stuff simply because I was worried the salesperson would be offended since he had put in so much effort to explain the product. It’s their job I know. But I know I am not alone in feeling bad when I don’t buy anything after failing to get them off my back. I AM trying to change that ofcourse. So let me show you a journal I bought out of this compulsion. My friend did ask me if I really needed it. I answered him in the affirmative, justifying how I would write away. Two years in, I have written exactly two pages.

Here is the morning view I had today. Another rose bloomed. I am a literature student and I find literary references everywhere. It comes as second nature. Many of you would remember the famous line, “What’s in a name?” This famous line was used by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet!

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

I got a pesticide solution. The seller told me it was potent enough and to mix it in around ten litres of water. I wanted to create a natural pesticide out of neem leaves but the backyard was literally having a full blown infestation so I had to do something immediately. I am using one of my toner spray bottles to spray the mixture onto my flowering plants. We are going to prepare the soil and sow some spinach and okra seeds we got.

I am having one of my insipid days and they will evaporate just like they always do until I find something to be cheerful about. These were a pretty sight this morning though!

I hope your days are warm and bright! If its a long tunnel that you cannot see the light out of, please know that it does end. The tunnel. The darkness. It ends. There is light beyond it. There is love that you possibly haven’t discovered till now. You will definitely find it. Lots of love!

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