A sea

In my heart rises,

a wave so gigantic,

It sweeps everything off the coast and falls,

from my eyes onto my cheeks in an outburst.

I hold this sea inside my heart and let it create ripples through my body,

When on a misty morning you hold me by my waist as we stand overlooking the ocean,

lashing at our tiny feet:

a mismatch for the one I have been gathering in me;

a tsunami which carries with itself,

all my inhibitions and all my turbulences,

wanting to sink you in a whirlpool

and take you to the bottom.

Gulping for air,

You say it isn’t working anymore,

you and I: we should be done by now

for you think you’ve found the shore in someone else.

I look at her and smile.

I kept thinking that I was drowning you.

I see a raging storm that the best of the sailors would think twice before venturing into.

I see it in her eyes and I bring you up,

happy you survived this one,

mournful that she is a tempest stronger than me.

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