I woke up early today.

Well the fact that I went to sleep early and dozed for almost ten hours doesn’t really make it an accomplishment.

An accomplished woman,

By the book,

Is a woman who marries and has kids of her own and spends her life raising them.

It really does not matter what she makes of her single self.

An accomplished woman,

As told by Austen’s creations

Is one who can sew and knit and sing and play an instrument and please their men,

Be demure and reserved,

Not too opinionated.

Society hasn’t progressed much, you see,

At least not here.

With the extra time I extracted out of me waking early,

I petted a dog

Played half hearted badminton

Made round chapatis: well that’s really important in case my partner hasn’t been taught how to survive.

Wrote this post.

Read a little.

The only accomplishment I can boast of before it’s 9.

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