Tea Party

Keep your eyes on  the shuttle

my brother tells me as we play badminton at 6:00 in the morning

I smile, flaying my arms on both sides of my body

Behind me the lazy dog stretches and yawns:

one that I’ve been seeing since it was a little stray and now she thinks my backyard is her home

she has not been trained to be raised in the wild

every time I’ve seen her go outside she emerges out of the gutters

the world above is too cruel

for all the other big dogs don’t let her stay and don’t let her eat from the remnants of other people homes.

I like imagining that she has her very own tea party with the mice who live under the ground

the tea cups clatter and they sip from them

a pot bellied mouse sitting on a big chair while his bespectacled wife pours hot tea into cups

they chatter along as the night is young and lively that’s the only pretends the dog can keep because at the end of that tea party one of them is going straight to its belly.

so whenever I’m outside and the dog is outside I see her emerging from the gutter carrying a dead mice between its jaws:

kind of a victory kind of a slogan to all the other dogs of this area

you can’t let me in I’ll find modern solutions to modern problems

behind me I can hear the cow shifting uneasily and I wonder if she’s happy living with us she doesn’t seem like it maybe she’s as grumpy as I am.

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