What are you?

Even if you are shouting at the top of your voice

‘I don’t want this I don’t want this’

nobody will listen to you:

you are like a cloud blowing through the sky

like a twig getting drifted away in the river

like a particle of snow in an avalanche that’s speeding up and it will not stop

you like a leaf wafting in the air with the wind; falling at someone’s feet

getting crushed underneath it

You are like the strings of a guitar lying idle

And only speaking when they want you to

In the larger scheme of things you’re like a dot on the planet and does it really matter what planet you’re on?

your little life is one entire universe and yet the universe is not what it seemed to be:it’s expanding as I’ve been told

90 years later nobody will know what you did,how you lived your life, what shame you brought to your family,

because you will be dead and wasted,

you will be burned on the funeral pyre maybe in thirty or forty years do you really want to live a life that’s dictated by the norms of the society so that you can save your face?

You are like dust settling on the mirror But it only gets murkier when you try to clean it with a duster

You lament that you should not have grown up so fast

you lament that you should not have been the eldest one

now your entire life is one full of lamentation there is no escape

So what do you do?

You shout at the top of your voice

And no one will listen.

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