Death of words

Some words shriveled and died inside my mouth,

Eaten up by my tongue and a poorly chambered heart

That hurts everyone I am told another decision has been made on my behalf.

I am no longer capable of

Thinking,acting,speaking apparently.

Some words to the tune of

‘Listen to me,

Understand please,

I have something to say too,

You know.’

Some words I ate with a gulp,

With a lump in my throat,

Trying to push them down.

You can’t kill words. You might push them deep inside so that no one knows they exist

But what when in the middle of the night

You’re jolted awake from a bad dream,

And your aching heart reminds you of everything you didn’t say.

But what when they like noises, start clambering up your mind

And you have to push the tips of your fingers into the skin above your forehead

To quieten them.

Some words you kill with your tongue,

Blasting forth when they shouldn’t have,

Hurting all.

But what else can happen when you shut them in?

Soaked into your dreams, they puff up and push against the arteries

And start irritating your throat: choking you up.

What else can you do than throw up?

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