My joys are a few:

A warm hug and a cup of green tea,

Some amazing books and the regular good movie

An acknowledgement of what I say and what I do,

A little appreciation, oh I’d say my wants are few!

To travel the world and buy new shoes because we are going to travel some more.

The space to love,

The strength to nurture,

The will to create a story out of words,

To weave a saga from my imagination.

Oh I want to stay in love,

With the man I love.

All I don’t want is to cower

Under duress.

I want to laugh with childlike simplicity,

Watching comedies,

To cry when an amazing movie leaves me stupefied,

To scratch my head at whodunits.

To eat and cook delicious treats,

To complain of my IBS only to be told it was going to be okay.

To grow old hand in hand,

To live full, to live content.

To be the master of my soul.

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