Winter and a heart

The pausa chill reverberates through my body made numb

My bones have lain exposed to the crushing weight of expectations all night long

I am trying to write it away,

If feelings could be hidden beneath words,

I am trying to bury them,

Bury myself deep into the folds of the blanket

Never to be found again.

The door is ajar and moonlight from a distant window peers in,

Stretching its neck,

Cramming itself into nook and corners,


The source of muffled sobs.

Who cries, into the dead of the night say?

Who goes there?

Who goes like a purvi over paddy fields and empty stretches of land?

Only to settle itself in the voice of a lonely vagrant.

I dream of impossible things:

Events that might take place in another universe,

As I am chosen to propagate when has been handed down over years,

You can’t go astray.

Yes you’ll have the liberty of having a life your way,

But in this life, as long as we are alive,

Why can’t you do as we say?

My nerves rattle

I wake up everytime to push my face deeper into my pillow

And feel the warmth of my breath settle into it,

Never to return.

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