Oh the sheer audacity

I woke up quite a number of times last night,

The dreams I had were many,

And many the troubles of the heart.

Some discomfort in my belly,

Not caused by the flutter of butterflies,

But IBS.

I dreamt of two cups of tea,

Though I don’t drink any.

An old man selling it, sitting cross legged on a pulpit.

I was next standing in the room in my Granny’s home

Where she used to sleep when I was little.

And I saw my brother with his guitar.

The guitar sits right next to my dressing table,

Sad and forlorn.

He crooned for a group of men. He sings real nice.

He’ll be home at the end of his shift

And the guitar will find company.

My dad’s been asking when next I’ll go see a suitor.

I can’t bring myself to it

But if there was a button to ‘skip the drama’ I’ll do that.

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