How long does it take,

Before you break?

Even the twig that splits into two,

Shouts out murder

So how do you waste away

In silence?

If you collapse under your ribcage

Does anyone know about it when it makes no sound?

Does it really happen?

I can’t believe you’re dying inside.

I can’t believe your body has given up on you.

Place a heap of bricks on a saucer.

And shower it with motivation.

You are strong.

You can take it.

Keep going.

Yes you can yes you can.

So why does it crack under the pressure?

I think you were using the wrong words.

Are you sure you can take all of that?

Do you need me to remove any of these bricks?

How do you break when your bones are intact,

Although your existence hurts.

And on your face there’s never a smile,

Never a smile.

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