More than love

We have been through this.

We don’t give up so easy, sugar.

We crash through the walls that stand in our way

We demolish the mountains that do not sway

From our paths.

Hand in hand,

You and I,

We will fill our world with love so strong

It will take an army to crush us.

Love is too small a word to collect all of our feelings

In four letters.

I adore you,

Admire you,

The person you are today,

And I won’t trade the world for this.

Yes, love is too small a word to scoop all of me into a teaspoonful

And garnish it over our hope.

Mine is a poet’s love.

Words run through my mind like a ceaseless

Unending draft of turbulent wind.

Words pour out of my fingers and I sing the songs the bards have sung,

Tragedy sits like a lady in the attic of my brain

In vain I have tried

To love myself through loving you

And it only gets stronger by the day.

I am full of so much love for my own self I can only make it better and share it away.


I love, love, and love you.

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