Growing up

I saw a dream last night,

And rarely a night goes by when I don’t.

I see familiar faces,

From school and they are as young as they ever were,

In the memory of those years.

I wish I hadn’t grown up.

I wish we could all be together and play together

Without death’s glare hanging on our necks.

Without the need to find out the meaning in our lives,

The need to recognize steady friendships from fair weather folks,

The need to realize we could be better without someone than with them,

To grow out of our butterflies in our bellies

Walk with someone who makes us feel empowered,

Talk to someone who sounds more sane, less cheesy

To set boundaries and label them loud and clear

To speak our minds and not waver,

To fix our sights at what we want

To forget for a while that someone said can’t.

I am sure we became who we are,
By deciding to leave some things behind.

They try to pull us back into a momentary vortex,
By becoming apparitions in our dreams.

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