Black money? What black money?

As long as a market for illegal goods and services exists, as long as people want to generate more wealth than they earn legally, black money will exist.



Today, we send and recieve messages from around the world in a blink. There are no frontiers as such. Miles of distance are rendered irrelevant when we want to be heard. Where, then, does that leave letter writing? Today it is a luxury few people can boast of. Isn't it ironic, that when technological progress … Continue reading Letters


When you start reading a great book, its contours start realigning themselves with your imagination. The spaces between the pause that jumps from one chapter to the next, they are filled with your essence. And no two people ever would imagine a book in the same way: using exact pastels and brush strokes. And that … Continue reading Books

Meanwhile, I find my apprehension regarding Umesh coming true. There's something sinister going on. We see him waiting for someone at a secluded place. Soon, two men arrive and we're shown just one of these men. The man is annoyed that Umesh hasn't been able to lay his hands on Kumari yet. They want her, … Continue reading