The Existential Dilemma

Only the faces change.


Shrinking Women

I walk, Down alleyways and passages, Corridors and lanes, And roads, As if I am one person too much, Occupying more space than I exist in. So I make myself small, Pull my hands in And hold them folded, Against my body. I stick to the straight line, That becomes fine while I walk. And … Continue reading Shrinking Women


Some events, Changed the course that we were set on. The still waters we were knee deep in already, Rose above our heads, Murkier, Bloody. And we are struggling, Gasping for breath, Feeling it gather in a whirlpool around us, Taking with it those we know, Those we hold dear. I can't breathe. I can't … Continue reading Fear


Time asserts itself in numerous ways, like memories that begin fading, and moments of madness that we start regretting. We're growing old, soon we'd wonder if the anti ageing cream, ought to be added, to a budget that already hinges on prescriptions, and then colour our hair, splurge on botox, plan retirement, try to make … Continue reading Age