We love art, yet appreciate it so little.



I, the privileged one, With food to last two square meals in my stomach, Do not understand how, You can die of poverty. Go find yourself some work. Stop being the scum that is upto no good, Always tapping at out car windows, Asking for alms. Toil and labour, For the sky is the limit … Continue reading Poverty

My faith

Wow. Please go ahead an ban Shahrukh Khan, self proclaimed moralists. He spoke up and is that what actors aren't supposed to do? Oh wait, they're just meant to mind their own business. No one's bothering them. Why should they be getting vocal? Oh yeah. You forget, in your misplaced enthusiasm that these are people … Continue reading My faith

In a bus

I saw a desolate moon, painted upon the vast black canopy that became the sky. And it awed me, filled me with mystery, a translucent veil, drew upon the history that had been yours. And the moon grew bleaker by the moment, beyond outlines of trees and hills. And outside my sight, when I could … Continue reading In a bus


Time asserts itself in numerous ways, like memories that begin fading, and moments of madness that we start regretting. We're growing old, soon we'd wonder if the anti ageing cream, ought to be added, to a budget that already hinges on prescriptions, and then colour our hair, splurge on botox, plan retirement, try to make … Continue reading Age


Dreams, often loud and jittery, of what has been and what is yet to see, of vibrant hues and musical melodies, of places from another world and fantasies, of people, who captured our smiles, who brought despair, who would've gone those extra miles, and who would no longer appear, those dreams, are now parodies.

Our story

An unsigned card beneath a shut window, sprayed with little perfume droplets, still waits and the wait is eternal. For the love way back became just a shadow, of moments basked in moonlit glory. That might as well, be your story. A half burnt letter smelling of rose, written tediously, in verse and prose, still … Continue reading Our story