This Diwali, in pictures 🙂



The daily post weekly photo challenge in its latest challenge asks us to take a photo of what satisfies us. My first thought went to my books. And I won’t lie and tell you I have read the lot that I have, the satisfaction springs from having them, and finding comfort in the fact that one day I’ll pick up one that I haven’t read and will gain a new experience at minimal effort.


This week’s photo challenge is about anything that derived from the theme ‘unusual’ .

Lignum Draco shares his brilliant photographs of monks in bright attire as opposed to the surroundings that are in start contrast. 
I am often captivated by the wrath of time on living beings and structures alike. Sends the message that nothing is immune to rot and destruction. When I look at this flight of stairs drenched in rain, the decay makes me think of all the times I have climbed them, during the twenty seven years of my existence. And that makes me realise how I am losing myself to the years too.

Photo by Aparajita


We’ve been around.

These starry nights,

For as long as I remember,

Lying on our backs- you and I.

We have been around these faces peering in and out,

Of photo frames,

Like shooting stars that disappear,

Before you could get used to them.

And long enough we have danced to the songs,

That have been around us, 

Swirling and swishing like skirts on a loop.

I know we have been around like travellers on a time lapse,

Moving too fast into doom,

Yet each day such an excruciatingly endless wait to it.