I love looking at clouds in the sky except in thunderstorms. I am scared of thunderstorms.



I feel alive, In the company of living breathing trees. We run like rats in this race, Only to think we deserve a break. 'Much needed' Trade off 300 gloomy days for five in the lap of mountains, On the surface of seas, The beaches keep calling, We fall at ease Amidst groves and bees. … Continue reading Lost


All our lives, Lives lived backwards, Lives lived in a blurry picture rushing by, Lives lived in bottles, Put up on shelves in chromite and sandstone, Are momentary photographs of time rushing by. Doesn't it consume you whole? And we rush our little lives, Emptying our souls. Aparajita


I'm into self love darling, Today I oiled my hair, Tomorrow I'll make my breakfast, Day after tomorrow Ill call someone I haven't talked to in a while. Wait, I am going to validate myself, I'm going to get that haircut I have been thinking about, And feel good about it while the blow drying … Continue reading Self