Not Today

Hey, I wonder if you, Look over your shoulders now and then, To confirm that you're not being followed. I wonder if you've ever had to consider what the best pepper spray in the market was. I wonder if you're aware at times, Looking at objects and counting the ways they double up as weapons … Continue reading Not Today



Sing me the song where two lovers meet, And the world, Does not, for once, Fall into pieces when they do.


Don't leave me to my thoughts, After you're done showering me with words, My thoughts - they scare me like, The sound of a shivering night in the silence of the stars, Marred by crickets, And how my feet approaching startles them into silence. I might, Break like morning breaks on a night that no … Continue reading Feels

Wound up

You keep saying I stumbled upon you, And made you my disovery, My pet project. And when I was but all straightened up like a scarecrow, You'd fix the lever on my sides, So no one else would know That I need winding up. So how long do you think I'll work? How long am … Continue reading Wound up


Leave the clothes to soak, The relentless call of monotony, Seeps through cracks in the window panes, With the sun, I am running out of breath, I am oscillating between what I need and what I want, In turns. If I was hanging by a thread, Would you pull me over, And tell me this … Continue reading Relentless


We don't listen to the same songs anymore. Last I heard you were so animatedly talking about someone I didn't know. I keep quiet through the night, While you're humming a tune I never heard before. Here I am wishing we'd never sleep so far apart, Waves of the bedsheet folding onto themselves, Spread between … Continue reading Songs


Faces, Peering out of slideshows about friendship, Where did you find that song I can't bring myself to remember the lyrics to? Faces, Smiling out of photographs of a wedding party, Where did you get hold of the novel I've always been asking you to read? Sometimes I can't sleep without having listened to hopelessly … Continue reading Face