To homesick men and women out there

Home is wherever you are.


The 16th December 2012 incident guy is NOT a hero.

Someone took the trouble to clear the air! Well written!

I Speak-Aditya Bhasin

So, here is another message that is flooded over Whats App and Facebook on friendship day’s eve. I received it on Whats App from quite a few friends and in groups but chose to ignore it initially. I thought that it is something nobody would trust or believe in and would be forgotten like other forwarded messages, but that didn’t happen. More people messaged me the same thing and many even posted on Facebook. Well, this was when I almost typed to one of the friends how I thought this message was ridiculous and makes no sense but then I thought that I should rather blog about this. Reading this message made me feel furious and I am strongly against what is being conveyed in this message. Copy-pasting the exact text from Facebook with some formatting changes. (Content remains same):

A year ago in-front of his eyes his girlfriend was…

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'Didi, there's a hakim I know of. He's too good! Why don't you take Anu to him?' 'Tell you what, Anu is 28 now. How long will she stay at home? The hakim will give her a paste or something. He's famous. It might work, you know.' Maalti, aware of her sister in law's insensitivity, … Continue reading Acid