Happily ever after

This chapter begins, Right at the end, Where you've read that they live, Happily ever after. This chapter begins as the first doubt creeps into her mind. Can we make this work? And he reflects into the mirror, And asks himself, Was it all, worth the effort? Every morning, Her back fits in a curve … Continue reading Happily ever after


Missing Someone

if missing you feels like there's smoke I can't see and yet it bothers me, then yes, I've missed you.


I'm into self love darling, Today I oiled my hair, Tomorrow I'll make my breakfast, Day after tomorrow Ill call someone I haven't talked to in a while. Wait, I am going to validate myself, I'm going to get that haircut I have been thinking about, And feel good about it while the blow drying … Continue reading Self


It's not a good sign, When you wake up wanting to listen to Lorde sing- 'I'm a liability', When you wake up not wanting to wake up. Trying times, These. I feel like I live in a halo, And it's blue, It grows for days on end, Invisible to you. I walk around dripping, I … Continue reading Unreal


I knew a cat once And I never quite laid her to rest. She is still around here somewhere, And when I call out 'Lucy!' Her ears perk up, And yet she pretends not to have heard me. Typical cat behavior I'm told. Well I'm glad she has the liberty to ignore me, And yet … Continue reading Void


We don't listen to the same songs anymore. Last I heard you were so animatedly talking about someone I didn't know. I keep quiet through the night, While you're humming a tune I never heard before. Here I am wishing we'd never sleep so far apart, Waves of the bedsheet folding onto themselves, Spread between … Continue reading Songs


Like the sour sweet orange candies we bought as little kids, When the hawker came calling down in our compartment, Just that color and that size, The sun hangs in an early summer sky. Across my seat and through the dusty glass pane of the window, Of my train, It took me back to when … Continue reading Candies