My memories about us are like shadows- dark.


The Interview

Tell us something about yourself. Suffice it to say I am a woman? So, what do you feel? I feel a lot of things: angst,  anxiety, paranoia, joy, ecstasy, happiness, delusion and fear, but never too safe. You don't feel safe? Yes. And no, this isn't a country thing. I mean I tried everything, dressing … Continue reading The Interview


'Auntie?' , implored Ashima cautiously. Her aunt Pamela, who was making hot chocolate for her favourite niece managed to mutter a faint 'hmm?' 'I am 25 now.' Pam smiled. 'All grown up, eh?' 'Remember the question I asked you years ago and you told me you'd tell me when I was 25?' Pamela handed her … Continue reading Life

"Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains." -Jean-Jacques Rousseau We, the inhabitants of a globalised society, have seen technology empower us like never before. The recent boom in social networking and its widespread reach has demolished barriers between societies and ideas. Internet has suddenly emerged as popular forum to vent public dissatisfaction … Continue reading


‘Have you ever nurtured a dream for so long that it begins to imply nothing but meaninglessness?’ She asked him, sliding her arm in his, as they sat overlooking the sunset over a distant horizon. ‘Elaborate, dear’, he replied nonchalantly. A cool breeze brushed past the young couple. She tucked away curly locks behind her … Continue reading Delusion

My sky

Its my sky, a bit of me and my life. Clear and starry one moment, dark and overcast the next. Winged aspirations soar high, fluttering free, undaunted. A dose of poetry, prose and verse amalgamated. A whiff of you, a piece of me. And that is how my sky is complete. Yet endless, vast, stretching … Continue reading My sky