I shall tell you a story Of mortals dead and forgotten. Justice awaited upon and hopes shattered. Structures razed and homes devastated. Of an apparent child killed while just a foetus. Women assaulted, raped, tortured, blackmailed, burnt and dictated. Their tears dried up long ago. But the humiliation flows inside their veins. Of children…… Continue reading War

It ends?

Your reasons are beyond me. Do I not interest you anymore, now being within your reach? Months of hide and seek, an adventurous escapade. And it ends? I’m not the mysterious puzzle anymore. Did it take you so long to realise? That I can’t be flawlessly beautiful at all time. That I might be messy…… Continue reading It ends?


Locked up within trecherous depths of apprehension, a blatant assertion laid bare. It shocks and surprises you, it startles me. Read between the lines and you will find out why. And while you and me, go on distractedly, holding on in speculation of ‘Perhaps,maybe,I wish, I hope. . . ‘ while the brutish truth stares…… Continue reading Bare


In her eyes, the desire to win hearts the limitations of being a frail woman. And as she passes the powder puff over her sunken cheekbones, a rolling diadem sparkles, outlines the blinking charm beneath her forehead. Arched brows, defined lips. So often called seductive, so tenderly kissed. Bites them and clings to the mirror.…… Continue reading Her

Afraid of losing control

Is middle class Indian society ready to accept the gradual rebellion springing from its youth that had for long been kept bottled up? Small towns and cities are rapidly going global with the advent of consumerism, social media and the concept of individual expression. Multiplex and mall culture are giving to the young possibilities that…… Continue reading Afraid of losing control

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