Ignore the naysayers

If I could tell you what you can or cannot do,

Yet I won’t be able to,

For I am not in your shoes.

But I know somehow,

That you can rather than the other possibility.

It is easier to try,

Than to keep from trying for the fear of failure,

Is not greater, than the will,

To succeed.



The fear of falling,
ends up in defeat.
Get back on your staggering feet,
and believe.

Strong, you are.
And with each moment that you pull yourself together,
you’re taking the rein,
you’re taking control.
Stumble and fall,
you wouldn’t be down forever,
so fight against the pain,
stay put, stand tall.

No mountain can ever daunt,
the wall of your preserverence,
the resounding echo of a determined call.
For they say that sky is the limit.
Perhaps, but aim beyond,
for the human determination,
saw empires flourish,
and the weaknesses did perish.

Begin, challenge and survive,
adapt, adopt and imbibe,
clear thoughts and real ambitions.
On fantasies no longer dwell,
for dreaming made no person great.