Fateh Sagar Lake in pictures

Fateh Sagar Lake was one of the highlights of my Udaipur trip. Watching the sun set over the lake is so mesmerising that it is beyond explanation.If you’re hoping to find grandeur of some proportion , you’ll be disappointed. This is more of a picnic spot for locals as well as tourists. Take a leisurely walk through the length of the lake with not a care on your mind. Try the soft corn cobs and cotton candy to reminisce about your childhood.Get an icecream and chanachur. Let the taste buds tingle and finish it off with nutella hot chocolate served nearby at Sai eatery.Sure enough, it will be an evening to remember. ❤️



This becomes a getaway and I don’t ever return

To the banality of stuffing my face,

And then stuffing my day

With huff and puff of discarded emails,

And left overs from the day before.

How much shall be enough?

Can I not close my eyes and open them again to find you by my side?

Perhaps that can save me the anxiety of having to decide,

If one or two or three lipsticks shall be enough.

What can I take with me,

That’s not at all necessary?

Every inch of space inside my duffle bag has been accounted for,

And I can only carry so much on my hands.

I know mid travel I shall be getting wary,

Oh I think I left something behind.

And yet,

I’m carrying so much.

Outside and Inside.

Somewhere we belong #1

A day before our trip started, I called Nidhi up about her train and she tells me the ticket wasn’t confirmed.

I recall telling her that she could get the flight I was on, from Mumbai itself. But no, she’d rather take a train. And I roll my eyes and say, ‘Will you now consider the possibility?’

And she does.

So I was really excited that we’d be together at least for half of the journey.

I reached Mumbai airport at around 12 and the next flight was Air India itself so the attendant stopped me in the passage leading up to the exit gate and three other passengers because we had connecting flight to Udaipur and the same plane would double up as the next flight so we need not deboard. But I really wanted to see her and knowing that she was somewhere around and I had been held back made me feel bad.

Somehow it made me imagine I was a criminal and she’d come to see me. Imagination at short notice is my forte.

I rang her up and asked her where she was. Apparently, we were at two sides of a gate. So I saw her waving from across with a grin on her face and waved back eagerly. It felt so good to see her! I started walking towards the gate in my excitement and was rebuked by the ground staff. I fell back instantly.

After a seemingly long wait that I chatted her up on WhatsApp, the gates finally opened and there she was.

And right then I knew it was going to be an awesome trip together! 🙂

For the love of food!

You get them everywhere you go. But that morning, we had a craving for the sweet sour dried berries and bought some.

And then after a while, it exhausted us. XD

We rushed through them, trying to finish them up. 

Monsoon Palace is all about the view. And the sunset. When it was dark, we decided to have something hot and zeroed in on this. Sitting at the cafe table with the city in front of you, its a heart warming experience.

We got one packed for our hotel room it was a delight!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

I love this photo graph though it is as plain as being a reflection of Nidhi and me, looking at the water below. Our reflections peek back at us through a flimsy green surface and we captured it: the two of us taking this trip to figure things out.  In the quiet, this picture represents the turmoils our hearts were in.

This picture was taken at Mount Abu, a hillstation in Rajasthan.

Memories from a journey

I was waiting at the Kolkata airport for my Air India flight to Mumbai. It was supposed to depart at 9:20 am but there was a little delay and we hadn’t taken off until 9:40. 

The wait

I didn’t know this ticket included breakfast. 🙂


Of course I couldn’t capture what I was seeing. These were cotton balls floating in the sky, and looking so tangible I could almost believe people stepping on them and feeling under their feet hard ground. It looked so breathtakingly beautiful and the picture doesn’t do justice to what was in front of me!

Treat for the eyes!

My friend joined me at the Mumbai Airport and we landed in Udaipur in the afternoon. Fun was about to begin!

Finally it was so good to see her and really feel excited for the trip!


On your first trip to Udaipur, book an ola/Uber as soon as you deplane at the Maharana Pratap Airport at Dabok because that’ll save you some money. If you wait, they’ll all be gone and prepaid taxis are expensive. You have the option to get on a bus playing a little outside the airport but that would take you to a bus depot and you’ll have to find something else like an auto or taxi to your hotel. And we couldn’t do that because we had overwhelming luggage. Pre paid taxi to our hotel at Hanuman Ghat cost us Rs. 600/- for around 22 kilometres. Also find out beforehand if your hotel provides airport pick up and at what price.