Fateh Sagar Lake in pictures

Fateh Sagar Lake was one of the highlights of my Udaipur trip. Watching the sun set over the lake is so mesmerising that it is beyond explanation.If you're hoping to find grandeur of some proportion , you'll be disappointed. This is more of a picnic spot for locals as well as tourists. Take a leisurely… Continue reading Fateh Sagar Lake in pictures

Somewhere we belong #1

A day before our trip started, I called Nidhi up about her train and she tells me the ticket wasn’t confirmed. I recall telling her that she could get the flight I was on, from Mumbai itself. But no, she’d rather take a train. And I roll my eyes and say, ‘Will you now consider…… Continue reading Somewhere we belong #1

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

I love this photo graph though it is as plain as being a reflection of Nidhi and me, looking at the water below. Our reflections peek back at us through a flimsy green surface and we captured it: the two of us taking this trip to figure things out.  In the quiet, this picture represents… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

Memories from a journey

I was waiting at the Kolkata airport for my Air India flight to Mumbai. It was supposed to depart at 9:20 am but there was a little delay and we hadn’t taken off until 9:40.    I didn’t know this ticket included breakfast. 🙂 Of course I couldn’t capture what I was seeing. These were…… Continue reading Memories from a journey