Men: Raising them right

What happens when a rape is reported? It’s on the news for a few days. The victim’s ordeal turns into a commercial nightmare. Political parties seize the issue to stress upon failure of governance, a few scapegoats are suspended and the cry for justice rises and falls like a wave. Shakespeare in Julius Caesar says…… Continue reading Men: Raising them right

Shrinking Women

I walk, Down alleyways and passages, Corridors and lanes, And roads, As if I am one person too much, Occupying more space than I exist in. So I make myself small, Pull my hands in And hold them folded, Against my body. I stick to the straight line, That becomes fine while I walk. And…… Continue reading Shrinking Women


I am no expert on feministic theories that have progressed over the years but I am befuddled by its many ironies. I speak of the irony. In this largely patriarchal setup, those who have had to speak for the rights of women have often had to address their men who are in the possession of…… Continue reading Irony