Writing that novel

As someone who loves to write, I know the struggle is real. I have stopped telling people that I want to be a writer. I have perhaps, stopped believing in my ability to do that.

To someone who is in the same state of mind, I will say what I wish to be told.

Begin. Maybe you’ll write a really bad paragraph today. But the fear of failure should not keep you from beginning. Anything that was ever done had a start. And so should your poem or your novel.

We begin with errors and it is important to make mistakes. Nobody wrote the perfect short story in one sitting.

Sometimes it took background check, a bit of research, the dictionary, criticism, feedback and many drafts to make it self sufficient. If you wish to learn, the journey begins with doubting yourself and trying in spite of that.

And then you read. You read anything that comes your way- the editorial, the content description on a product, a love story, not so popular works by other aspiring writers, the classics: anything.

To write that novel, maybe today you simply have to list the characters and nothing more: as little as names on a list. At least begin somewhere.

Sit down and think. Think and write.