Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

Nidhi and I knew this flower wall would gi
ve us perfect pictures. And yet when I asked her to pose, she didn’t stand still for a moment and all I could capture were a few photographs where she’s not looking at the camera, given how beautiful the background is. This I thought was pretty cheeky of her!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

I love this photo graph though it is as plain as being a reflection of Nidhi and me, looking at the water below. Our reflections peek back at us through a flimsy green surface and we captured it: the two of us taking this trip to figure things out.  In the quiet, this picture represents the turmoils our hearts were in.

This picture was taken at Mount Abu, a hillstation in Rajasthan.


The daily post weekly photo challenge in its latest challenge asks us to take a photo of what satisfies us. My first thought went to my books. And I won’t lie and tell you I have read the lot that I have, the satisfaction springs from having them, and finding comfort in the fact that one day I’ll pick up one that I haven’t read and will gain a new experience at minimal effort.

Have some faith.

I don’t find answers in your faith,

But you do.

And maybe we can go on living like that.

Maybe I can stop sneering at your traditional ways

 and you can keep from the thought that I worship the devil.

I don’t.

For I’ll need faith for that.
Carry on,

If you find peace,

You head bent over in front of idols,

And deities.

Books and shrines.

Mountains and rivers.

Fire and the sun.

I am but a blot on another dot,

In a cosmic space that boggles my mind,

And I tried faith to give me the hope that

There still was some hope left for us.

I am but moving towards death like you,

Trying to avoid the inevitability,

Trying to make sense in the truth that,

I am not worse off than you.
I have seen you shrug and brush off a tragedy as

The will of the Lord,

And resign to the cajoling that,

In the end,

The faithful ones shall attain redemption,

While I’ll be queueing up at the gates of hell.

The faithless,

And yet neither you nor I are saved from the end.