Frankly, I woke up because every morning at around five my cat wants to be let out. Usually, I open the door and go back to sleep. Today, I decided to do other wise and make my Sunday productive. I, sitting on a brick, having weeded out grass growing out of my backyard would like… Continue reading Morning


I find making upma very easy and thrifty. You may have it for breakfast or take it to lunch. It's light on the stomach and you don't need too many ingredients for the same. You'll need Two teaspoonful of Oil(frying pan) Or two tablespoons of oil if using kadhai. Black mustard seeds Split chickpeas (chana… Continue reading Upma

Kasuri Methi Paratha

When you come home from work, cooking yourself dinner feels like a daunting task. So often, you get a take away or heat up something that's leftover or eat out, which is fine. However, it is always good to cook because you know your food inside out. You know what has gone in there, it's… Continue reading Kasuri Methi Paratha

Baigan Chokha (Mashed eggplant and tomato )

Take a little mustard oil in your hand and smear the inside as well as the outside of the eggplant with it. Take the garlic pieces and push them into the inside portion of the eggplant like I've shown in the picture. The skin of the eggplant will change texture and you need to keep… Continue reading Baigan Chokha (Mashed eggplant and tomato )

Suji (Semolina) Halwa

Heat ghee in a pan and add semolina to it. As it starts turning golden, I add the cardamom powder right then to  give it a nice roasted flavour .The semolina(suji) should turn golden brown and you'll know that is the right time to add milk. You should heat the milk first, and keep it… Continue reading Suji (Semolina) Halwa


Here's a step by step easy breezy guide to some pasta! I took water enough to cover the pasta. I added some salt and boiled it. Added the pasta when it came to boil. It takes around ten minutes on a medium flame for the pasta to cook. And if you don't stir once in… Continue reading Pastaaaaaaa